olympic drug

Russia is world Doping Champion in the history of Olympic.!

“Doping” alludes to a competitor’s utilization of restricted medications or techniques to enhance preparing and wearing results. Steroids are the medications that frequently struck a chord when we discuss doping, however doping likewise incorporates a competitor’s utilization of other illegal medications, (for example, stimulants, hormones, diuretics, opiates and pot), utilization of taboo methods(such as blood

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The Caribbean’s are ‘champions’

Caribbean cricket champions celebrate ‘ATHLETIC-STAR’ Usain Bolt’s gold win.!

The Caribbean’s are ‘champions’, and it’s a well-known reality now. After winning their second World T20 label and all-encompassing three ICC titles this year to date (the World T20, women’s T20 World Cup and the Under-19 World Cup), the champions from the Caribbean gathered on Sunday to grab one of their myths and an all-time winner Usain Bolt race in

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