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Did you know: 33 tied matches in the history of ODIs

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In the history of One Day International (ODI) cricket, a tie between England and Sri Lanka in the first ODI of the Royal London series at Trent Bridge became the 33rd tie. As of June 2016, every Test-playing nation has been involved in a tie except Bangladesh.

The first tie in ODIs happened in 1984 when Australia played West Indies in the second final of the Benson and Hedges World Series Cup.

The first World Cup match involving a tie was the second semi-final of the 1999 tournament i.e. Australia v South Africa.

Australia have been involved most number ties compared to all other teams. Australia involved in total nine (9) tie matches which includes three tie each against South Africa and the West Indies.

India involved in seven (7) ties and involved in one match where the scores were level but India was declared winner on losing fewer number of wickets.

Here we bring the list of Tied One Day Internationals

33. Sri Lanka v England

Sri Lanka v England, Trent Bridge,England, 21 June 2016

32. New Zealand v India

31. West indies v Pakistan

30. Ireland v Netherlands

29. South Africa v West Indies

28. Pakistan v Ireland

27. Australia v West Indies

26. Sri Lanka v India

25. India v England

24. India v England

23. England v New Zealand

22. Ireland v Zimbabwe

21. Australia v England

20. England v South Africa

19. Sri Lanka v South Africa

18. South Africa v Australia

17. South Africa v Australia

16. Pakistan v Sri Lanka

15. South Africa v Australia

14. West Indies v Australia

13. Zimbabwe v New Zealand

12. New Zealand v England

11. India v Zimbabwe

10. New Zealand v Sri Lanka

9. Zimbabwe v Pakistan

8. Pakistan v New Zealand

7. India v Zimbabwe

6. Pakistan v West Indies

5. Australia v Pakistan

4. India v West Indies

3. West Indies v Pakistan

2.  England v Australia

1. West Indies v Australia

Instances where the scores were level but teams were declared winners on losing fewer number of wickets.

India v Pakistan: Winner: India

Australia v Pakistan: Winner – Pakistan


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