What Mcgrath really said to Sarwan..!

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It has to be the Glenn Mcgrath and Ramnaresh Sarwan spat that happened during the world record chase test match. Australians are known for their sledging prowess and this was no different and this one got real ugly and aggressive. Funny enough it came back to haunt them as Sarwan scripted a famous record breaking victory.


Here is the transcript of the famous spat:
McGrath to Ramnaresh Sarwan: “So what does Brian Lara’s di*k taste like?
Sarwan: “I don’t know. Ask your wife.
McGrath : “If you ever F**king mention my wife again, I’ll F**king rip your F**ing throat out.”
Sarwan was in the line of fire of the Aussie players but he held his nerve and composure right throughout the innings.


Sarwan celebrating after the century.


The West Indies celebrating after pulling off an incredible chase of 418 against the mighty Australians.
This is one of the most intense battles that cricket has seen on-field.

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