Guinness World Records’ for highest catch of a cricket ball

Former England skipper Nasser hussain Sets Guinness world record.!

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The cricketers do some impossible skits and same accomplish remarkable deeds on the cricket ground. Rightfully, they make it to the record books in cricket. In any case, rarely will you see a cricketer make it to the ‘Guinness World Records for his on-field accomplishment. All things considered, it happened as of late, and the beneficiary was a former -England Skipper.

Nasser Hussain GWR


England ex- captain Nasser Hussain as of late made it to the record book after effectively endeavoring to set a record for the most amazing catch of a cricket ball.the event was composed by the official Live broadcaster  of forthcoming England v/s Pakistan Series. The venue for this notable Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.  Don’t miss : Did you know: 33 tied matches in the history of ODIs.!

Lord's Cricket Ground in London

The test was to get a cricket ball which was dropped from a Batcam ramble positioned 32 meters (104 ft 11.8 in) high noticeable all around. Hussain, who pouched the ball in his first endeavor, needed another shot as he was not fulfilled by this record. Later, he went ahead to get a ball descending at a velocity of 74 mph from a significantly more prominent tallness of 49 meters (160 ft 9.1 in) in testing blustery conditions.

“It was awesome entertaining to spend the morning endeavoring to catch cricket balls dropped from an automaton at the home of cricket – something I never thought I would do. Yet, I am anticipating giving my hands a rest and returning to the discourse box for the up and coming Test match,” Hussain was cited as saying by GWR’s site.

Hussain was a top defender amid his playing days and even years after his retirement it appears he has lost no expertise.


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