You Haven’t Seen This Indian Cricketer Mr. Sir Ravindra Jadeja Faces I’s List on Buzzfeed

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Wildlife officials in India have ordered an inquiry after international cricketer Mr.Sir Ravindra Jadeja posted photos online of him and his wife posing in front of endangered Asiatic lions.


The images appeared to show the pair on foot during a safari at the Gir National Park and Sanctuary in Gujarat.

Officials there said it was against the rules for visitors to leave their vehicles and they may impose a punishment

A photo posted on his Instagram account showed the cricketer pointing to a pride of lions at the back him, with the caption, “Family photo, having good time in Sasan (Gir) #rajputboy #wearelions”.

A second photo showed him and his wife, Reeva, with a lion looking on in the background.


The national park at Gir is the only place where Asiatic lions remain in the wild. The animals, which are somewhat smaller than African lions, were listed as in danger of extinction in 2008.

“Since it is against the rule to get down the vehicle in jungle, we have ordered a investigate into the matter,” AP Singh, a chief forest conservator, told AFP news agency.

The photos were posted days after Gujarat forestry officials warned of the dangers involved in taking selfies with lions.

Mr Singh said the inquest into Jadeja would consider what fine to impose on the couple.

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