You are living in a fool’s paradise: Ganguly smash Shastri .!

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Almost a week after Anil Kumble, the new mentor of the Indian cricket team was delegated, the debates encompassing the prominent choice keep on echoing on. On Wednesday, Sourav Ganguly who was one of the individuals from the BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) – hit back at Ravi Shastri’s cases of him being discourteous towards the procedure by not being available when Shastri was met.


Reacting to Shastri’s tirade against him, Sourav Ganguly said he felt disheartened and shocked at Shastri’s own attack on him and thought his words were said with the little learning of the whole situation at the season of the interview.


Ganguly revealed that Shastri’s interview meeting was booked for 4:15 pm on 21 June – when the CAC met the shortlisted hopefuls. Be that as it may, subsequent to the underlying presentations and meetings took additional time than anticipated, Shastri’s swing to exhibit came at 5 pm – when Ganguly needed to leave to seat a Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) meet.

The remaining individuals from the CAC – Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman – chose to proceed with Shastri’s interview to which he had approved, Ganguly revealed.

It was believed that Ganguly’s absence was key to Kumble getting the job ahead of Shastri, but Ganguly came down hard on any such claims and felt Ravi Shastri would have to be living a fool’s world to think that way.

“In the event that Ravi Shastri supposes he isn’t the mentor due to of my nonappearance, he is living in an idiot’s reality,” the CAB boss said.

Shastri had directed Ganguly that he ought to go to such a meeting whenever somebody is being met for such a prominent post on Tuesday. The cricketer-turned-reporter additionally communicated his failure with respect to Ganguly’s nonattendance when he displayed his case to be India’s new mentor and had termed it ‘discourteous’.

“Not annoyed by any stretch of the imagination. I am simply disappointed. Nothing shocks me in cricket. It’s nothing to do with Sourav.

Ganguly is that as it may, reacted to Shastri in common style and had a suggestion to counter it.

“I say this with anger that my counter counsel to Shastri is that he should to have been available physically and not holidaying in Bangkok for such a vital occasion. Ravi ought to have demonstrated some more development before opening up to the world about it,” Ganguly finished up.



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