Dada we love you forever.!

Why do people still love Dada even though he retired.!

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Other Cricketer’s just played cricket but Dada lived it.!!!!

Dada we love you forever.!

Under Dada captaincy No Bookies Dared to Approach any Indian cricketer.

Dada became Indian captain in 2000 when cricket was since its lowest. South african Hansie Cronje-gate started the evil and as a outcome, lots of top cricketers came into the trap of game fixing. Dada’s job was not just winning trophy’s but to triumph the heart of the depressed fans too.

Dada Ganguly

Image :Trolcricket

The names of the likes of Ganguly, Tendulkar and few of the other star cricketers never came in the trap of  spot fixing. Even they have always denied being approached by bookies, who contacted cricketers frequently back then.

Saurav living being the skipper and one of the finest players in the side possibly will have been an easy target except as exposed by a bookie, they were fearful to come close to the Bengal cricketer because of an apt reason,Dada the tiger of  Bengal who showed his bare chest at the sacred birth place of cricket.

This video describing his character, personality and fighting spirit.

  Video:Lord’s Balcony

Speaking to one of the print media, a ex- bookie opened up on approaching Ganguly. “for the period of the time Ganguly was the Skipper, most bookies wanted him to fix matches.Not just him, even Tendulkar and Anil Kumble, because they knew if they could have them on their side, they could authority the entire team as per the chances. except, they also knew that it could never happen, as Dada was one of the most devoted skipper,” the Ex-bookie said.

 Video:183 against SriLanka Word Cup 1999.

Team enjoyed good accomplishments under Dada, who next to with the other immense senior cricketers ensured that the game was played clean.roughly 8 years from the time when his international retirement, Dada’s continues to scare with his dadagiri,  Don’t Miss:You are living in a fool’s paradise: Ganguly smash Shastri.!

While of Bengal Cricket Association (CAB) is reaping many benefits from his leadership, former Team India director Ravi Shastri, freshly got a dose of his dadagiri after he blamed Ganguly of not being present at some stage in his interview for team india Mentor selection.



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