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The former pacer,Curtly Ambrose: From Pace to Bass.!

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curtly the pacer

image credit:TheGurdian

The former pacer of Antigua , when Ambrose played cricket, he never advertises his skills set too much, but prepared extraordinary use of his eye site to kill the batsmen confidence level.

Legend has it that every time the the media people tried talking to him, the speed star great refused to media requests saying, ‘snappily talk to no man’. Yet till date, later than retiring from the cricket, Ambrose residue a mysterious character.

curtly ambrose music band

His silent or different personality never spoils his game, as he spoken himself skillfully on the cricket field. In the same way there is one more zone where the renowned cricketer expresses himself exceptionally well. The supremely talented cricketer is also an equally gifted composer. Ambrose has a band ‘Spirited’ with whom he performs regularly in Antigua.

We pass to you a fresh video clip of Ambrose the stage live along with his music band in a club in Antigua. When you people view this side of his character, it gets tough to judge he is the same person who disturbed best of the batsmen from his generation with his scary pace.


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