mali gift to virat

Viv Richards’ son captures Kohli’s double-century in painting.!

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For the duration of his playing days, none could match the bluster that Viv Richards carried and of course, his risky stroke play too. The cricketer from Antigua motivated a new generation of cricketers and quite truly, the strongly built West Indian is considered among the greats of the game.

It means a lot when one of the game’s supreme is your die-hard fan follows & Kohli enjoys that status.

As like, it was fitting that last week, Kohli scored his maiden Test double century at the Sir Viv Richards sports ground in Antigua. Conversely, Richards’ son Mali too is big Kohli fan. Mali, who has played 18 First-Class games, now runs an art gallery (The House of Creativity). He came down to the Indian team lodge to meet virat.

mali gift to virat

image Source:BCCI Twitter

It’ was not a simple visit, he went on to gift virat a painting that pay tribute to his double century.

“We were thrilled when we found out that Kohli is going to be in Antigua for the first Test. We wanted to do incredible creative for him but back then we did not know the exact date of his arrival,” Mali told  media .

He had to make sure that the work was done quickly, he added, “We decided to commemorate his maiden double hundred as he registered the landmark here in Antigua. We geared up the entire painting in just one day and came here to present it to him.”


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