Why India lost in gaining more medals at Rio Olympic 2016.!

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2 days back entire India was praised for the silver win of P.V.Sindhu at Rio Olympic, full of social media Olympic Buzz, some of the individuals were wishing to champ, some of them criticizing their triumph since they expecting more.

PV Sindhu

Anyhow here attempt to clarify a couple of things i.e. is the reason we back contrast with other countries.


1.Family environment;

Really the vast majority of the Indian families don’t give flexibility pick what he/she need to end up, They are following crowd & same suggest to their children to do.

The majority of the families contemplating just how to achieve great financial budgetary condition&how to wind up at earliest? They are following others objectives and aspirations.

If other family or own society child to succeed in technology & medicine space. Here very extremely next lifetime desire is we need to end up our kid a doctor or engineer.

Great parenting

Here family sets the objective and desire of their kid. Don’t give any single opportunity to their kid think own and take choices’ to him what he genuinely loves to turn into.

Because of traditional shit & afraid of someone’s fucking judgments in their Relatives or outside the environment “most of you are not scared to fail for yourself”, you are scared to fail and then somebody else that, you care about is judging you.

When your kids’ achieve the development level offer flexibility to think and take own choices kindly don’t disparage their fantasies. On the off chance that you truly need to accomplish something, screen their behavioral& improvement’s propensities regular schedule.

sucess definition

On the off chance that he/she change their track with wrong moves. At that point, you have to rectify their mistakes. Rather than picking their lifetime dreams

Here I am not conversing with your choices wrong. Your a way of thinking about your children’s 100% right. But if you want to expect something big from your kid, kindly it would be ideal if you offer an opportunity to pick what he really love to turn into. At that point, you will see huge wonders in future.

2.Professional v/s hobby athletes:-

This Rio Olympic season I observed most of the common word. Indians are unfit to Olympic, we have billions of individuals in our nation, the even single gold decoration is unrealistic to win, Dear brother & sister’s we have billions of people right, I acknowledge your words.



however a large portion of our athletes are part-timers, not pro-athletes Would you like to know the meaning of pro-athletes’ & part-time athletes’, here I will attempt to compose quickly.

In our nation the greater part of the (90 %) athletes’ part-timers since reasons are unbounded, I will attempt to expand few of them.

1.Lack of facility, government badly failed to arrange good facilities to athletes, politicians & government just declaring few bucks  after somebody accomplishment.

2.Most of the athletes originating from a poor family and they are not capable satisfy their basic needs.

3.We have big celebrities they are declaring few bucks for media buzz.

Genuinely they don’t have to help nature. Just encasing circumstances their own particular change and media scope. Here I think no need to mention names.

4.some of the athletes they have great chances to accomplish, they have good financial support however they are not prepared to be full-time athletes ,they are participating by the help of  politicians’ just for the sake of earning celebrity image. There craving is not to won the medals.

These are the genuine conditions, then how to expect one more usain bolt in our nation along with more medals?


How many of them know about the great Sprinter usain bolt & chin’s athletes life history, they are not part-time athletes, their desires are strong , they are born to become a athletes, they are every day live with own fantasies, they are thinking own & taking own decisions.

There’s lifetime aim& desire to wind up athletes & won the medals in Olympic, they are real passionate what they want to become.

Indians we need a quick result, we are continually thinking ($$$), I am not gloomy about Indian Olympic accomplishment; reality is we do not deserve to Olympic game. I cherish what we earn as per our ability.

3.Advertisement & Franchise’s

Advertisement & Franchise’s


Lastly an advertisement & franchise individual is most narrow-minded people in our nation. They are thinking about only revenue aspect. They are earning big bucks daily basis, they are not prepared to contribute an even single penny to athletes.

If someone achieves facing lot of finance hurdles then after advertise & franchise people approaching them. This is called fucking narrow-mindedness. They need enormous cricket big names to assemble brand awareness.

These are the primary obstacles and reality we have. At that point how to expect more from our athletes.


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