Young Indian & Pak cricketers eye spot in Zimbabwe cricket team!

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As Zimbabwean cricket continues to struggle with an excess of issues, including the lack of a sound domestic structure like they had in the past, there are ‘requests’ pouring in from across the globe. Emails from 20-somethings clog the mailbox of Darlington Majonga, the media manager of Zimbabwe Cricket, on a daily basis, each carrying a common theme – a plea for an opportunity to play for Zimbabwe’s national side.


“For the national team, mainly it’s from India, and a few from Pakistan,” Darlington told to Cricket Board. “I haven’t replied to anyone. It’s not for me to decide. We are looking to develop our own players here. We believe we have enough talent.”


To put the competition levels in perspective – the members of the Indian squad that has travelled to Zimbabwe and won all, but one fixture so far isn’t guaranteed a direct ticket to the main team. For the youngsters like KL Rahul and Barinder Sran, notable performances have perhaps only helped them go a little higher in the pecking order. They’ve taken a massive walk forward, but will need more such tours to grab their spot in the main XI.

While Darlington’s stand is justified, it is interesting to see that these young aspiring cricketers view Zimbabwe as greener pastures. The problem of politics and caste system, unrelenting competition and even the lack of riches back home, are some of the reasons stated by them for making the strange request.

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