t20 World Cup Winners

from its inception - taking a tour from 2007
t20 World Cup Winners

More than a few decades after its first appearance in the ICC Cricket World Cup, cricket has become an integral part of the sporting landscape. A few years ago, the International Cricket Council (ICC) decided that it would be smart to take cricket up to another level and introduced a new version game called T20 which was presumed to be shorter, more exciting, and make cricket reach new heights. Currently, this format has reached its expectation and become an instant hit which is now being played all over the world and some of its major tournaments have now been televised by leading broadcasters in various countries.


Going back to its inception in 2007 when the first t20 World cup was held in South Africa, the first t20 World Cup could easily be one of the best or even to say the best World Cup to date. One thing was the first major tournament in this new format and the two games between the arch-rivals India and Pakistan had lived up to its expectations. Where the initial game led to a draw and the Indian team came out with flying colors in the bowl-out method, which was the only occasion when this method was used under the situation of a draw, as eventually the method has been replaced with a super over later. And then the other game was the final which left significant memories for 3 players namely Joginder Sharma, Misbah Ul Haq, and well Sreesanth. India became the champions of the tournament and undoubtedly to say the young team under the captaincy of Ms. Dhoni was nothing less than exceptional.

Who are the T20 World Cup Winners?

List of teams winning the T20 world cup from 2007 to 2022

T20 World cup winners 2007 - 2022
Year Winner
2007 India
2009 Pakistan
2010 England
2012 West Indies
2014 Sri Lanka
2016 West Indies
2021 Australia
2022 [Yet to be announced]

Who are the biggest winners? 

Well, West Indies who are a very formidable side when it comes to the T20 format lead the chart winning the tournament twice. They were followed by India, Pakistan, England, Sri Lanka, and Australia each winning one time. 

Where to Watch Cricket Online

The easiest option is to watch cricket matches on cable TV. Many cable companies offer a channel that broadcasts cricket matches, and you can usually find these channels without having to pay extra if you are located in one of the cricket-playing nations. If not, we do still have other options to explore as below

If you are living in Europe or the even US you can subscribe to the Yupp Tv package where they have a wide range of subscriptions such as per annum, per tournament, per match, and so on. In general, the world cup tournament package in Europe costs 25 euros. One disadvantage you find with is app is, even after paying for the subscription you still have to bear a few ads while the streaming starts and they do not provide the coverage of the Toss. Keeping these disadvantages aside the quality they provide is impressive which is close to the live telecast standards. 



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